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Tutorial 3 - CoreLookup

Tutorial 3 - CoreLookup


In this tutorial, you will inspect an Email resource that uses core commands to obtain e-mail information from the Elastic Path Core.

Warning: Before you begin

Make sure your development environment has been properly set up as described in Setting up your Developer Environment.

Begin: Installing Cortex API Tutorials

Source files

The files created in this tutorial may be found in the tutorials zip under /Rest-Tutorials/rest-resource-corelookup directory.

rest-resource-corelookup has the following directory structure:

  • <artifact_id>
    • src
      • main
        • java
        • resources
          • OSGI-INF
            • blueprint
              • email-blueprint
              • springCtx-import
            • config
          • spring
            • applicationContext-corelookup-resource.xml
      • test
        • java
    • target
    • pom.xml

The Email data transfer object. It is used to wrap and propagate data from the core to the resource.

The assembler responsible for creating EmailDtos. and and implements the method used to retrieve email information from the core.