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Tutorial 2 - ExtensionProfile

Tutorial 2 - ExtensionProfile


In this tutorial, you will study a new resource with a linking and reading strategy. You will see how data can be extracted from the out-of-the-box profiles representation and inserted into the ExtendedProfile's representation. This method can be used to customize the output of any Cortex API resource.

Warning: Before you begin

Make sure your development environment has been properly set up as described in Setting up your Developer Environment.

Begin: Installing Cortex API Tutorials

Source files

The files created in this tutorial are found in the tutorials zip under /Rest-Tutorials/rest-resource-extensionprofile directory.

rest-resource-extensionprofile has the following directory structure:

  • <artifact_id>
    • src
      • main
        • java
        • resources
          • OSGI-INF
            • blueprint
              • extensionprofile-blueprint
              • springCtx-import
            • config
          • spring
            • applicationContext-extensionprofile-resource.xml
      • test
        • java
    • target
    • pom.xml is the link strategy implementation. It is responsible for creating links to other resources. is the builder for the read strategy. This is injected into the resource operator. is the read strategy implementation. It is responsible for extracting data from other resources.