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Deployment Architecture

Deployment Architecture

The following diagrams show sample deployment diagrams.

Load Balancer with API Gateway/SSI Terminator and Web Services

ECE Deployment R5.png

Load Balancer without a API Gateway/SSI Terminator

ECE Deployment_2.png

Reverse Proxy with API Gateway/SSI Terminator

ECE Deployment_3.png

Notes on the Deployment Architecture Diagrams

This is a reference deployment and does not necessarily represent how you should deploy Elastic Path. Your deployment architecture depends on your organization's specific requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and scalability. If you need assistance, contact your Elastic Path representative.

  • The Proxy Server shown above is necessary for handling the Cortex API's Cross-origin Resource Sharing requirement.
  • The HTTP Server shown above is recommended for increasing performance handling. The HTTP Server in this scenario is serving up the static files for the Cortex API