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7. Configuring Authentication Endpoint

7. Configuring Authentication Endpoint

You must configure Cortex API's authentication endpoint or else PUBLIC and REGISTERED users cannot authenticate.

To configure the authentication endpoint, create and configure the authClientHost.cfg file following the instructions below.

To create the authClientHost.cfg file:

  1. Create the following directory if it doesn't already exist:
    • For Windows: C:\etc\ep\cortex\system\config
    • For Linux: /etc/ep/cortex/system/config
  2. In the config directory, create a file named authClientHost.cfg

To configure the authClientHost.cfg with the authentication host:

  • In the authClientHost.cfg file add the following field and define the authentication endpoint URI:
    DEFAULT_HOST={authentication endpoint URI}
    The endpoint should be a combination of your host URI and the authentication URI, "/commerce-legacy/authentication/user", i.e: http://localhost:8080/authentication/user
The DEFAULT_HOST is the default fallback endpoint. Different scope can have different endpoints. For example: