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Enabling Cybersource's Payment Gateway in Weblogic

Enabling Cybersource's Payment Gateway in Weblogic

Cybersource's payment gateway requires libraries that conflict with those provided with WebLogic. To get around this issue, add the libraries shown below to the WebLogic domain's classpath before any WebLogic libraries are added.

Warning: Cybersource and Cortex API

If you are running the Storefront and Cortex API on Weblogic with a Cybersource payment gateway, you must run Cortex API on a separate domain. The classpath modifications made in this document prevent Cortex API from starting up properly.

Note: Before you begin

Make sure you have exploded the Elastic Path web application .WAR files in your domain.

  1. Locate the following files in your local <DOMAIN_HOME>/<WAR directory>/<cmserver webapp>/WEB-INF/lib directory and copy them to your <DOMAIN_HOME>\lib directory:
    • xalan-2.6.0.jar
    • xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar
    • commons-lang-2.3.jar
  2. With a text editor, open setDomainEnv in <DOMAIN_HOME>/bin
  3. Modify the PRE_CLASSPATH variable to add the Cybersource and Xalan libraries:
    • On Linux:
    • On Windows:
      set PRE_CLASSPATH=%DOMAIN_HOME%\lib\commons-lang-2.3.jar;%DOMAIN_HOME%\lib\xalan-2.6.0.jar;%DOMAIN_HOME%\lib\xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar
  4. Add to the JAVA_OPTIONS variable:
    • On Linux:
      JAVA_OPTIONS="${JAVA_OPTIONS} ${JAVA_PROPERTIES} -Dwlw.iterativeDev=${iterativeDevFlag} -Dwlw.testConsole=${testConsoleFlag} 
    • On Windows:
      set JAVA_OPTIONS=%JAVA_OPTIONS% %JAVA_PROPERTIES% -Dwlw.iterativeDev=%iterativeDevFlag% 
      Note: Windows JAVA_OPTIONS Note

      For Windows, JAVA_OPTIONS must be specified on a single line. It is displayed here on two lines for readability.

  5. Save your changes to setDomainEnv and restart your Weblogic server.