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Configuring Maven (Without Team Infrastructure)

Configuring Maven (Without Team Infrastructure)

Warning: Maven Settings Renaming Issue

The instructions below modify the Maven settings.xml file you added to your .m2 directly during 5. Source Code Preparation. Do not modify the settings.xml file in your Maven directory, which is at C:\apache-maven-3.0.4\conf.

These instructions configure your local Maven repository to retrieve build artifacts from your Nexus server and set up Maven to build for your specific environment, i.e Eclipse, Tomcat, and so on.

  1. With an XML editor, open your Maven .m2/settings.xml.
  2. Find and delete the following block of XML:
    	<!-- You will need to change the URL here to your corporate Maven repository which mirrors the internet. -->
  3. Comment out the ep-external-developer activeProfile:
    <!-- <activeProfile>ep-external-developer</activeProfile> -->
  4. Uncomment the following profiles:
    1. WTP Profile
      Profile Purpose
      Sets the Tomcat and the Search server ports to 8080, so they can run in Eclipse.
    2. Application Server Profile (uncomment one of these)


      Active Profile


  5. Save your modifications.