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What's New for Elastic Path Commerce 7.2.0

What's New for Elastic Path Commerce 7.2.0

Release Highlights

Elastic Path Commerce 7.2.0 introduces data policies to enable compliance with the European Union's GDPR and provides improved customer data privacy features for businesses that need not comply with the GDPR.

The highlights of the release are:

  • Data Policies: Define the management of customer personal data. A data policy is comprised of:
    • An optional collection of data points, which is a list of the fields included in a data policy.
    • A retention period for the customer's data point value from the time it is created or updated.
    • A collection of data policy segments, enabling the application of data policies to a targeted group of customers.
    • A date range and status to manage the life cycle of data policies
    • Import and export of data policies and their data points.
  • Customer Consent:
    • Capture the granting and revocation of customer consent for data policies for both anonymous and registered customers.
    • Cortex advisors ensure that consent is granted before customer information is captured, with links to the relevant data policies on form fields
    • Import and export of customer consent data
  • Managing customer personal data:
    • A new report to provide all personal data held on an individual in the commerce platform.
    • A scheduled job to remove customer personal data when the retention period expires or consent is revoked.
    • A new tab on the customer profile that shows the customer's consent for each data policy with the ability to delete the personal data by data policy.
  • Improved log identifiers: Additional unique identifier added to the console log for each application to support improved log searching across all Elastic Path servers.

System Requirements and Compatibility

The system requirements are documented at System Requirements.

Elastic Path Commerce 7.2.0 is compatible with the following:

Elastic Path Component Version Location Branch or Filename
Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS 2.1.x release/2.1.x
Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.7
Elastic Path Commerce Demo Package 7.2.0 7.2.0

Functional Changes

Core Commerce

  • PB-3419 - Added data policies to the Import/Export tool.
  • PB-3476 - Added customer consent to the Import/Export tool.
  • PB-3444 - Added a scheduled job to remove personal data (data point values) when consent is revoked or the retention period is exceeded.
Cortex API
  • PB-3450 - Added a data policies cortex resource to the customer profile that lists the relevant to the customer
  • PB-3496 - Added the capture and persistence of customer consent for both registered and unregistered customers.
  • PB-3497 - Added the merging of anonymous and registered shopper consent.
Commerce Manager
  • PB-3460 - Added a store setting to enable data policies.
  • [Multiple] - Added the ability to view, create and update data policies in the commerce manager
  • PB-3459 - Added the ability to configure and list data points from the data policies editor in the commerce manager.
  • PB-3458 - Added the ability to view the customer's consent value for each data policy and delete the related data point values for a data policy.
  • PB-3455 - Added a "Customer Personal Data" report that enables the export of all data point values for a specific customer.

Development Changes

Core Commerce

  • PB-3410 - Added a created date to customer profile values.
  • PB-3411 - Added created and updated dates to customer addresses.
  • PB-3414 - Added create, read, and update services for data policies, data points and customer consent entities.
  • PB-3470 - Added read and delete or update services for data point values.
Cortex API
  • PB-3556 - Added sample blocking advisors for preventing the unconsented capture of data point values.

Upgrade Notes

The Upgrade Guide provides general advice on upgrading Elastic Path projects. Specific upgrade considerations for Core Commerce 7.2.0 are covered below:

Database changes

The following changes were made to the database schema:
  • A CREATION_DATE field was added to the TCUSTOMERPROFILEVALUE table and defaults to the CREATION_DATE of the related customer record in TCUSTOMER.
  • CREATION_DATE and LAST_MODIFIED_DATE fields were added to the TADDRESS table and default to the CREATION_DATE and LAST_MODIFIED_DATE values in the TCUSTOMERPROFILEVALUE table for the related customer profile record.
  • LAST_MODIFIED_DATE and CREATION_DATE fields were added to the TORDERADRESS table and the default value for these fields are the order date.
  • The following new tables were added:

Known Issues

Commerce Manager

  • PB-3647 - Cannot resend a gift certificate when the recipient email is deleted. Attempting to resend a gift certificate results in an unhandled exception in the commerce manager if a gift certificate's recipient email address is removed by the automated job or manually by deleting the related data point value.