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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Announcements and Notices 6.16.0

Announcements and Notices 6.16.0

Announcements and Notices

Elastic Path constantly evaluates product capabilities and architecture, and over time will plan to replace capabilities with new versions, new implementations, or new partnerships based on customer and market feedback.

Backwards compatibility for existing customers investments is a key factor in decisions to deprecate and remove features. Where possible, features will be announced as deprecated, and then removed in a future release. This will allow customers at least one release cycle to adjust their implementation to the replacement capability before removal.

For behavioural changes in current release, please refer to the release notes.

Deprecated Features

No features were deprecated in this release.

Removed Features

The following features were removed in this release:

Component Feature Notes
Core Commerce Velocity-based Storefront

Over a year ago, we announced that we would not be enhancing the Velocity Storefront web application, and that it would be subject to removal in a future release.

EP Commerce 6.15 was the last release to include the Velocity Storefront. It is a robust and stable release that can be used for years to come. We significantly updated our core technology stack in 6.15, including: Java 8, Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2014 and over 50 component upgrades. This version of Elastic Path will continue to be fully supported until December 2018 for clients on our standard support program and Dec 2020 for premium support program.

The decision to remove the Velocity Storefront aligns with our strategic direction to provide a front-end agnostic commerce platform that powers content management systems and other touchpoints through our Cortex API. We are finding that many of our customers are moving to expressing their brands through rich, immersive digital customer experiences which require content management systems.

EP Commerce 6.16 and all subsequent releases of Elastic Path Commerce will require a Cortex API license.

Core Commerce & Commerce Manager Client Product level pre-order and back-order limits Pre-order and back-order limits should be defined at the SKU and warehouse level to be meaningful. Product level limits were only supported by the legacy inventory strategy which was previous removed. The ability to configure product level limits has now been removed.
Commerce Extensions Cortex FitNesse tests Cortex FitNesse tests were first released in EP Commerce 6.15 and proved to be highly problematic, with most teams disabling or removing them. Cortex Cucumber tests are still included in the release.