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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

What's New for Commerce Engine 6.11.0

What's New for Commerce Engine 6.11.0

Elastic Path Commerce Engine 6.11.0 includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you have any questions, contact Support or go to the Grep community site for the latest information and access to support bulletins, forums, and other Elastic Path resources.

Database Changes

  • Column PROPVALUE in table TPAYMENTGATEWAYPROPERTIES was increased from 255 to 1024 characters
  • For settings with path COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/... in TSETTINGDEFINITION, the MAX_OVERRIDE_VALUES were changed from -1 to 1.


Direct Post Token Acquire Payment Gateway Capability

A DirectPostTokenAcquireCapability class is added to the payment gateway connectivity API, so payment gateways can use Direct Post to acquire payment tokens to save to the customer profile or checkout immediately. In addition, the PaymentType concept that exists on payment gateway plugins was changed to PaymentGatewayType. PaymentType continues to exist on OrderPayment objects. This allows us to have credit card payment gateway plugins that support both tokens and credit card details. The concept of a PaymentOptionFormDescriptor was also added, which allows the DirectPost payment gateways to define the form fields and post urls that are needed by the payment gateway for direct post. The DirectPostAuthCapability buildExternalAuthRequest method has also been changed to return this object.

Please note this a foundational type enhancement and requires the appropriate Accelerator and a Client Services engagement to make use of this capability.

Core Tool CLI - Reindex & Wait

The following option has been added to the CLI version of the Core Tool (the maven plugin version already has this ability):

request-reindex-and-wait [<index>]

This adds a rebuild request to the index notification queue and waits for reindexing to complete

3rd Party Library Changes and Upgrades

No changes were made to 3rd party dependencies.