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What's New for Cortex API 1.11.0

What's New for Cortex API 1.11.0

Elastic Path Cortex API Version 1.11.0 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

If you have any questions, contact Support or go to the Grep community site for the latest information and access to support bulletins, forums, and other Elastic Path resources.

New Features

Cortex Development Model

  • Cortex Java REST Client (aka Java SDK) Beta
  • Replace hand-managed bundle-configuration list with dynamic loading list

New lookups Resource

Search for items using SKU codes and retrieve an item's SKU code. The lookups resource replaces the mappings API used by AEM Foundations. The mappings API is unchanged and deprecated for this release. We recommend using lookups because they are fully zoomable and chachable, while the mappings API is not.


  • /lookups/{scope} - Returns a link to a form to input a sku code used to lookup a Cortex item
  • /lookups/{item-uri} - Returns the sku code associated with an item.

Performance Improvements / Tooling

  • ResourceServerAdapterImpl.getServiceReferences Performance Issue Resolved

Known Issues

  • Cortex fails to terminate transactions on database connections when using the tomcat-pool rather than DBCP. Swapping tomcat-pool for DBCP fixes the issue. Recommend using DBCP only.

Planned API changes

  • Mappings API will be removed in the next release.