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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

What's New for Core Commerce 6.15.2

What's New for Core Commerce 6.15.2

New Features and Enhancements

Core Commerce

  • PB-1684 - Exposed search indexing statistics via JMX.

Bug Fixes

Core Commerce

  • PB-1459 - Fixed search indexing failure with a large number of categories on MS SQL and Oracle.
  • PB-1559 - Fixed intermittent integration test failures by removing embedded Cybersource payment gateway.
  • PB-1657 - Fixed repeated search indexing of cmusers when using test data.
  • PB-1644 - Fixed OpenJPA Query Cache settings that prevented search server from detecting new index notifications.
  • PB-1663 - Fixed incorrect VARCHAR columns in MS SQL schema.
  • PB-1710 - Fixed performance issues with OpenJPA Query Cache and Query Compilation Cache.
  • PB-1715 - Fixed issue with creating Oracle schema in 6.15.1.
Commerce Manager Client
  • PB-1744 - Fixed inability to locate assets when using 'file' vfsProtocol on OS X due to new OS X application structure (since 6.15.0).

3rd Party Library Changes and Upgrades

Library New Version Previous Version
Liquibase 3.4.2 3.4.0

Upgrade Notes

The Upgrade Guide provides general advice on upgrading Elastic Path projects. Specific upgrade considerations for Core Commerce 6.15.2 are covered below:

  • Projects upgrading from Core Commerce 6.15.0 or 6.15.1 may find it easier to apply patches rather than doing a full upgrade. The necessary patch files can be obtained by contacting Elastic Path customer support.
    • Projects upgrading from 6.15.1 will need to apply the patches in
    • Projects upgrading upgrading from 6.15.0 will need to first apply the patches in followed by the patches in
  • Projects upgrading from earlier versions should follow the upgrade instructions in What's New for Core Commerce 6.15.0

Known Issues

  • MS SQL Server validation query is missing from Grandparent pom.xml. This leads to an unexpanded variable placeholder in Cortex's Tomcat context.xml file when running against MS SQL Server. This prevents Cortex from starting up in a development environment. To work around this, add the bolded line below to your settings.xml file in your mssql-dev-db profile.
    Note: You will need to add the entire configuration if you are using the default values provided by Grandparent pom.xml.
    <epdb.validation.query>SELECT 1</epdb.validation.query>