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What's New for Cortex API 1.13.0

What's New for Cortex API 1.13.0

Elastic Path Cortex API Version 1.13.0 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

If you have any questions, contact Support or go to the Grep community site for the latest information and access to support bulletins, forums, and other Elastic Path resources.

New Features

  • Customer Segment trait in Cortex
    • New trait CUSTOMER_SEGMENT is supported. See here for all the traits supported by Cortex.
    • The customer segment trait can be overridden by setting CUSTOMER_SEGMENT in the x-ep-user-traits header
  • Enhance OperationResultCache to allow configuration of eviction timeout and max results (PB-391). Documentation will be made available shortly after the release.
  • The final modifier is removed from class definitions in rest-epcommerce. The other Cortex APIs remain unchanged.


  • OperationResultCache entries are limited to the responses from the resources instead of fully-zoomed responses
  • Switched from a global lock-managed Map to Guava cache. Documentation will be made available shortly after the release.
    • ExternalResourceOperationContextLifecycleImpl is no longer in the list of top offenders in the Thread Dump Analysis