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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Announcements and Notices 7.0.0

Announcements and Notices 7.0.0

Announcements and Notices

Elastic Path constantly evaluates product capabilities and architecture, and over time will plan to replace capabilities with new versions, new implementations, or new partnerships based on customer and market feedback.

Backwards compatibility for existing customers investments is a key factor in decisions to deprecate and remove features. Where possible, features will be announced as deprecated, and then removed in a future release. This will allow customers at least one release cycle to adjust their implementation to the replacement capability before removal.

For behavioural changes in current release, please refer to the release notes.

Deprecated Features

The following features were deprecated in this release.

Feature Notes
Pusher deployment scripts Elastic Path is moving towards container based deployments and plans to stop supporting Pusher style deployments in the future. Pusher scripts will be moved to the Elastic Path Community.

If deploying on premise, consider using Docker containers instead of Pusher scripts. See

If you are using Amazon Web Services, consider using Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS to automate your infrastructure setup and deployment, instead of manually configuring your infrastructure and deploying using the Pusher scripts.

Cortex /slots resource The /slots resource was designed to deliver dynamic content to specific content spaces. This approach was not found to be useful for projects.

Dynamic content functionality is currently disabled. If it is reactivated in the future, dynamic content should be delivered as structured messages within existing resources, rather than as a separate resource.

Removed Features

The following features were removed in this release.

Feature Notes
Commerce Manager desktop client The desktop client was replaced by the Elastic Path Commerce administration web interface.
Product Type template field The field was removed from the database schema and the Commerce Manager.

Mapping product types to visual elements is a front-end responsibility.

Category Type template field The field was removed from the database schema and the Commerce Manager.

Mapping category types to visual elements is a front-end responsibility.

Image management and delivery for Products, SKUs, Brands and SKU Option Values

All functionality and UI elements related to image management were removed, except for the ability to define image attributes for categories, products and SKUs.

The Product, SKU, Brand and SKU Option Value image fields were not removed from the database schema at this time to avoid damaging existing catalog data.

Image management is a CMS and/or DAM responsibility. Image delivery is best done via a CDN.
Cortex /assets resource This Cortex functionality no longer required after removal of image management.
Dynamic content creation and delivery Dynamic content functionality has been disabled in the Commerce Manager as it was not usable following removal of the Velocity storefront in EPC 6.16.
Product and Category SEO fields Product and Category SEO fields were removed from Commerce Manager UI.

SEO is a front-end responsibility.

Credit card fields

All UI elements related to storing and displaying credit card information were removed from the Commerce Manager.

Credit card fields will be removed from the database schema in a future release.

Storing credit card information in the commerce database is a security vulnerability. Credit card tokenization should be used instead.

ep-cryptotool The ep-cryptotool was not being used. There are more secure solutions available for database encryption.
Obsolete settings A large number of obsolete settings (mostly) related to the Velocity storefront were removed. The Filterered Navigation tab and the Advanced Search tab were also removed from the Commerce Manager store editor.
Settings XML editor The Commerce Manager XML settings editor was not converted because there are no XML-encoded settings in use.
Bulk Receive Inventory screen The Commerce Manager bulk Receive Inventory screen was not converted.

Bulk inventory operations can be performed using CSV or XML Import.

Quova GeoIP plugin This does not belong in the base product. Concrete integrations with external providers should be implemented as Accelerator Kits.
Custom Elastic Path Eclipse plugins Support for custom Eclipse plugins is being moved to the Elastic Path community site. The base product is IDE agnostic and should not contain plugins for any particular IDE.
AEM components in the deployment package and AEM extensions in Pusher scripts Elastic Path Commerce is a front-end agnostic product and should not include any CMS specific functionality.

The AEM deployment scripts in the Pusher were not production ready and project teams ended up implementing their own deployment scripts.

Devops Automation Accelerator Kit The Devops Automation Accelerator Kit is out of date and no longer provides sufficient value to include as part of the Starting Construction process.

Elastic Path is working towards providing an alternate solution as part of EP CloudOps for AWS.