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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.2.0

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.2.0

Elastic Path Cortex API Version 1.13.0 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

If you have any questions, contact Support or go to the Grep community site for the latest information and access to support bulletins, forums, and other Elastic Path resources.

New Features

  • Support for AEM 6.0 SP2 + Feature Pack 3903 version 2.0 + Hotfix 5779. See here for the new installation steps.

Cortex Java SDK

  • Configurable Cortex Java SDK. New OSGi Bundle Configuration Elastic Path JAX-RS Configured Client Provider has been added. It can be used to customize Cortex Java SDK to turn on / off different services and add new services. Project can change client behavior without re-compiling Cortex Java SDK. The client configurations included out-of-the-box can be found here
  • Switched to Apache HTTP Connection Provider to support HTTP connection pooling. It can be configured Elastic Path JAX-RS Client Apache Connector configuration


  • EP's Commerce API integration and Geometrixx content has been separated so it is now possible to deploy EP's Commerce API integration without Geometrixx content. The new package names are as follows
    • ep-commerce-api-{version}.zip
    • ep-geometrixx-content-{version}.zip
  • Enable traffic logging to debug JAX-RS HTTP request / response data. The log file can be found in crx-quickstart/logs/error.log
    • A new configuration is added: "Traffic Logging" under Elastic Path JAX-RS Configured Client Provider. See here for more information.
  • Enable developers to deploy bundles without going into package manager. See here for more information.
  • EP Product Importer
    • Initial Message and Polling Message Timeout are now configurable based on the expected server performance. See here for more information.
    • Product Importer is decomposed to smaller components to allow better extensibility and testability
  • EP Product Importer: Complete error message (instead of obscure error code) is displayed when EP Product Importer fails to import products
  • Geometrixx / Britney Broden demo
    • Catalog rollout is repeatable and generate a complete Geometrixx / Britney Broden demo site
    • Britney Broden site blueprint is shipped with the Britney Broden demo package

Cortex Java SDK

  • Elastic Path's JSON Unmarshaller provides an annotation based approach to unmarshalling complex JSON trees into shallow POJOs.
    • JSON Unmarshaller is now an open source project: More information about JSON Unmarshaller can be found in the open source project, and here
    • During compilation, developer is notified for missing JsonPath or JsonProperty annotations, and the build stops immediately. Error stack trace includes fully qualified class name and field in question.
    • JPath annotations are usable at any level of the zoom, i.e. @JSONPath annotation can be used on nested classes to build a simple set of classes in my client.
    • Improve JSONPath error handling by providing meaningful errors when an incorrect JSONPath expression is used.
  • Shared JAX-RS Client: Rather than constructing a new Client instance for every request, a single Client will be constructed and provided as an OSGi service. This would trim the responsibility of the RestClientFactory to providing a CortexClient instance . More information about JAX-RS Client can be found here.
  • Cortex URL is configured in Cortex Java SDK so that it is applicable to all client applications using Cortex Java SDK, not only AEM. The configuration is in the Elastic Path Cortex Client Factory


  • The cq-geometrixx-ep-content has been renamed and restructured
    • ep-commerce-api-<version>.zip (com.elasticpath.aem.commerce:ep-commerce-api) is the Elasticpath Commerce Implementation. It contains no content, it is expected that this will be used by all consumers.
    • ep-geometrixx-content-<verison>.zip (com.elasticpath.aem.geometrixx:ep-geometrixx-content) is the Elasticpath version of the Adobe AEM Geometrixx demo, this is intended for demo and reference purposes.
  • The contents of com.elasticpath.geometrixx have beeen removed from the ep-commerce-api
  • The contents of have been removed with the exception of Authentication & Search Models. The remaining models are now located in
  • RestClientFactory has been renamed to CortexSdkServiceFactory
  • The contents of have been removed with the exception of AddressChoiceFilter, AuthServiceImpl, LogoutServiceImpl
  • DefaultElasticpathCommerceServiceFactory has been renamed to AbstractElasticPathCommerceServiceFactory and moved to com.elasticpath.aem.commerce
  • ElasticpathCommerceServiceImpl has been renamed to AbstractElasticPathCommerceService and moved to com.elasticpath.aem.commerce

Where classes have been removed this is generally because those classes were specific to the geometrixx implementation. In most cases these classes can still be found in ep-geometrixx-content. It is expected that you will use the ep-geometrixx-content classes as a reference for your implementation.

  • It is NOT recommended that you use the jsp pages as an implementation reference.
  • It is NOT recommended that you extend the ep-geometrixx-content package.