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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Announcements and Notices 6.17.0

Announcements and Notices 6.17.0

Announcements and Notices

Elastic Path constantly evaluates product capabilities and architecture, and over time will plan to replace capabilities with new versions, new implementations, or new partnerships based on customer and market feedback.

Backwards compatibility for existing customers investments is a key factor in decisions to deprecate and remove features. Where possible, features will be announced as deprecated, and then removed in a future release. This will allow customers at least one release cycle to adjust their implementation to the replacement capability before removal.

For behavioural changes in current release, please refer to the release notes.

Deprecated Features

The following features were deprecated in this release.

Feature Notes
Commerce Manager desktop client Will be replaced by a web version of the Commerce Manager.
Product Type template field Mapping product types to visual elements is a front-end responsibility.
Category Type template field Mapping category types to visual elements is a front-end responsibility.
Image management and delivery for Products, Brands and SKU Option Values, including the Cortex /assets resource Image management is a CMS and/or DAM responsibility. Image delivery is best done via a CDN. Included in this deprecation is the use of FTP/SFTP by the Commerce Manager.
Product SEO fields SEO is a front-end responsibility.
Configuration property files in /etc/ep Configuration in /etc/ep is inconsistently supported across all EP applications, and is not compatible with our implementation of containerized deployments. Use /ep/conf or ${user.home}/ep/conf instead.
Storage, encryption and import/export of credit card details Storing credit card information in the commerce database is a security vulnerabilty. Credit card tokenization should be used instead.
Quova GeoIP plugin This does not belong in the base product. Concrete integrations with external providers should be implemented as Accelerator Kits.
Custom Elastic Path Eclipse plugins These will be moved to an Accelerator Kit. The base product is IDE agnostic and should not contain plugins for any particular IDE.
AEM components in the deployment package and AEM extensions in Pusher scripts Elastic Path Commerce is a front-end agnostic product and should not include any CMS specific functionality.

Removed Features

The following features were removed in this release.

Feature Notes
Weblogic 12c support Weblogic is no longer a supported application server. Tomcat should be used instead.