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What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.3.0

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.3.0

New Features

  • EP for AMC is now compatible with AEM 6.1.
  • Cortex Proxy Servlet: It allows clients to access Cortex indirectly via AEM. This feature may be used to retrieve and present data from Cortex directly from a web browser (for example, using Javascript to make AJAX requests). See here for more information.
  • Jersey Client Entity Logging: Jersey Client Entity Logging: a developer can now view the responses from Cortex in a log file by enabling Jersey Client Entity Logging in Cortex Java SDK. See here for how to turn on logging, and see here for the Jersey Entity Logging setting.
  • EP for Adobe Marketing Cloud Demo Server: EP's Core Commerce and Cortex demo servers to be deployed via AEM's package manager. It is automatically started/shut down when AEM is started/shut down. See here for the installation steps.
  • cortexSession cookie expiry is the same Cortex OAuth token expiry. The setting for cortexSession cookie's max-age is removed.


  • EP for AEM has been enhanced to use the newly created Batch Item Lookups APIs implemented to look up cortex items for a list of sku codes.
  • EP for AEM has been enhanced to make a cortex call to {server}/cortex/healthcheck to check if Cortex is operating without having to authenticate.
  • Cortex Java SDK
    • cortex-jaxrs-client is now continuously delivered and available in EP's public nexus:
    • Cortex Java SDK supports setting headers on the request. CortexClient can be created for a given Cortex scope and headers. The headers will be present on each request using the CortexClient. See here for more information on Cortex Java SDK.
    • Cortex Java SDK works in both OSGi and non-OSGi environment. See here for more information on Cortex Java SDK.

API Changes / Name Changes

  • Removed the oauth2 from JAX-RS Client Configuration. Instead, it needs to be populated in the header to be used to create CortexClientFactory. See here for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where Logout Servlet doesn't log out of Cortex
  • Resolved an issue where license files were missing in the AEM demo packages
  • Resolved an issue where EP for AEM Product Importer recreated all tags without titles