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What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 6 v1.0.0 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.

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New Features

The September Technical Preview of EP for AEM 6 has the same base features as EP for AEM and the following new features:

AEM 6.0 Support

Supporting AEM 6.0 with Service Pack 1, Hot Fix 5176, and AEM 6 Feature Pack 1.0 (3903).


New AEM Commerce APIs that allow coupons to be added and removed during checkout and for showing coupons applied to purchases.


New AEM Commerce APIs for promotions. In EP's geometrixx implementation, we provide the following promotions: free shipping, free gift, and perfect partner promotions.


New AEM Commerce APIs to support shipping options on an order and for shipping status on purchases.

Address Book

New AEM Commerce APIs to support Address Book on profiles and checkout.


  • New OSGi property added to EPConfigurationHandler to enable/disable demo-password generation for Cortex shopper login