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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Team Infrastructure Setup with CloudOps

Team Infrastructure Setup with CloudOps

Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS creates and deploys Elastic Path Commerce environments on Amazon Web Services using Docker images and Amazon AWS CloudFormation templates. Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS uses AWS services to optimize stability, reliability, performance, and operations to minimize Elastic Path Commerce implementation and operating costs.

Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS is modularized into three components to make the configuration and deployment flexible. The components are:

  • CloudCore: Creates and configures the network infrastructure, build server, configuration management server, and storage.
  • CloudTeam: Creates deployment packages from the Elastic Path Commerce source code repository.
  • CloudDeploy: Creates Amazon RDS snapshots and Docker images from the deployment package, and deploys them into an environment.

The CloudTeam component builds a deployment package from Elastic Path Commerce source code through the Jenkins server created by CloudCore by adding new jobs in the Jenkins folder Development.

The CloudTeam includes the following services:

  • New Jenkins jobs for building deployment packages
  • A Nexus server for mirroring the public Elastic Path Maven server
  • An ECR repository to hold Docker images to build deployment packages