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Change Set classes and files

Change Set classes and files

Most of the Change Sets domain classes and interfaces are located in the core library (com.elasticpath.core) in the com.elasticpath.domain.changeset and com.elasticpath.domain.objectgroup packages.

  • ChangeSet: a collection of business objects
  • ChangeSetMember: defines the mapping of a business object to a Change Set
  • ChangeSetStateCode: an enum that defines the possible states of a Change Set (open, finalized, or locked)
  • ChangeSetUser: defines the mapping of a user to a Change Set that he/she has permissions to manipulate
  • BusinessObjectDescriptor: describes a business object that can be added to a Chanage Set
  • BusinessObjectGroupMember: describes a business object that is included to a Chanage Set (similar to BusinessObjectDescriptor, but includes a group identifier)
  • BusinessObjectMetaData: a map containing information about a business object that can be used by external tools, such as the Overview.

The following services (defined in com.elasticpath.service.changeset) are used to manipulate Change Sets:

Change Set service beans are defined in WEB-INF/conf/spring/service/service.xml.