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Business State Errors

Business State Errors

Business state errors can occur on POST, PUT and DELETE operations. Errors are returned as Structured Messages with the HTTP status code 409 Conflict.

The following invalid business state errors can be returned.

Message ID Message Fields Default Debug Message
bundle.exceeds.max. constituents item-code, max-quantity, requested-quantity Bundle contains more than the maximum number of allowed bundle constituents. insufficient.balance gift-certificate-code, gc-payment-required, gc-balance Gift certificate GC_CODE does not have sufficient balance to process the payment. not.found gift-certificate-code Gift certificate GC_CODE not found. available coupon-code Coupon coupon-code is no longer available.
coupon.not.valid coupon-code Coupon coupon-code is not valid.
field.invalid. minimum.value field-name, min-value, invalid-value field-name value invalid-value must be greater than or equal to min-value.
item.insufficient. inventory SKU_CODE Item SKU_CODE does not have sufficient inventory.
item.insufficient. inventory SKU_CODE, quantity-requested, inventory-available Item SKU_CODE only has inventory-available available but quantity-requested were requested.
item.invalid. bundle.structure SKU_CODE Requested item configuration does not have a valid bundle structure.
item.missing.price SKU_CODE Item SKU_CODE does not have a price. SKU_CODE, available-date Item SKU_CODE is no longer available for purchase. store.catalog SKU_CODE Item SKU_CODE is not part of the current store's catalog.
item.not.sold.spearately SKU_CODE Item SKU_CODE is not sold separately.
item.not.visible SKU_CODE Item SKU_CODE is not visible.
item.not.yet.available SKU_CODE, expiry-date Item SKU_CODE is not yet available for purchase.
payment.currency. not.supported Payment currency is not supported by the store.
payment.declined Payment was declined.
payment.failed Error occurred when processing payment.
payment.insufficient. funds Insufficient funds to process payment.
payment.method.expired Payment method has expired.
payment.method.invalid Payment method is invalid. already.exists email User account with email address 'email' already exists.
profile.userid. already.exists user-id User account with the user id user-id already exists. Shopping cart is empty.
purchase.cart. not.purchasable Shopping cart cannot be purchased because one or more items are unavailable.
purchase.item. insufficient.inventory


Insufficient inventory for item item-code.
purchase.item. minimum.quantity. required

item-code, minimum-quantity

A minimum quantity of minimum-quantity must be purchased for item item-code.
purchase.item. not.available item-code Item item-code is not available for purchase.
purchase.missing. shipping.address A shipping address is required.
purchase.shipping. service.level.invalid


Invalid or missing shipping service level shipping-level.
purchase.user. user-id User account user-id is not active.