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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Dispatcher Deprecation Notice

Dispatcher Deprecation Notice

With Elastic Path 7.4 release, the dispatch model or the legacy Cortex programming model is being deprecated and will not be supported in the future. Elastic Path recommends using the Helix programming model. All resources in Elastic Path 7.4, except the payment resources, are implemented using the Helix Programming model. The Helix programming model provides a better programming experience and maintains consistency.

Following is Elastic Path’s deprecation plan:

  1. For the 7.4 release, the deprecation warnings are logged in RelOS when you load dispatch resources. This warning provides a link to the deprecation notice in the release documentations.
  2. For Elastic Path Commerce 7.5 and later versions, plan is:
    1. In 7.5 release, deprecate @Internal in API schema. The internal properties are required only for the dispatch model.
    2. In 7.5 release, deprecate the documentations for dispatch.
    3. One year after 7.5 release, move dispatcher to a separate artifact out of RelOS release and provide instructions to add the dispatcher again.
    4. Two years after 7.5 release, discontinue technical support for the dispatch model, remove related documentation, and remove the deprecated @Internal from API schema along with the Internal properties defined in the source code.