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Search Terms and Conventions

Search Terms and Conventions

Term Definition
Product A collective group of SKUs or variants available for shoppers to view. Each product or product bundle is represented as an offer in Cortex. For example, a shirt is a product, and each SKU option, such as red, , blue, or white in color, in shirt has an associated SKU.
Offer A collection of tangible or non-tangible entities for sale in store. Each offer has an offer code, availability, price, and list of constituents. An offer represents a product or product bundle defined in Commerce Manager. For example, shirts is an offer that consists of shirts in different colors, sizes, or fabric.
Item A purchasable entity, such as shirt, movie, song, or subscription. An offer consists of items corresponding to each SKU associated with the offer. For example , the SKU, SHIRT-SM-RD, might correspond to a small, red shirt. A SKU and corresponding item represent the same purchasable entity in Commerce Manager and Cortex respectively.

A Stock Keeping Unit is a number or code assigned to an exact variant of a product in the store. A SKU corresponds a purchasable entity, such as shirt, movie, song, or subscription. For example, for the small, red shirt, the SKU might be SHIRT-SM-RD.

SKU options A variant of SKU used to identify its association within a product, such as style, color, size, or format. For example, for shirt corresponding to the SKU SHIRT-SM-RD in each brand corresponds to a SKU option.
Facet The arrangement of search results into categories based on the indexed terms. For example, size, brand, or color.
Facet value The name of each value in a facet category. For example, for the size facet, the facet values are small, medium, or large.
List price The price at which the manufacturer recommends that the store sell the product. For example, shirt list price might be $20-$60.
Sale or purchase price The price at which a shopper can buy an item. This price might or might not be same as the list price. For the list price $20-$60, the sale price might be $10-$40.