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Core Commerce Source Modules

Core Commerce Source Modules

This section provides details about some of the key modules in the Core Commerce source distribution.

Commerce Engine Modules

Table 1. Key Commerce Engine source modules
Module Description
batch Batch Server JAR module.
core Core Engine project. This project produces the JAR that contains the Core engine, which contains the lower layers of Core Commerce architecture.
email Email processing modules.
importexport Import-Export Tool.
jms JMS integration. For more information, see Asynchronous Event Messaging.
liquibase Liquibase change logs.
messaging Event messages for business events. For more information, see Asynchronous Event Messaging.
order-processing Camel routes to split order events into gift certificate and shipment events for fulfillment processing.
payment-gateway-connectivity Connectivity API for payment processing that is used by Payment Gateway Accelerator Kits.
querylanguage Query Language project. This project produces a JAR that contains advanced query/EPQL classes.
search Search Server JAR module and Solr configuration files.
sync Data Sync Tool.
tax-calculation-connectivity Connectivity API for tax calculation that is used by Tax Calculation Accelerator Kits.

Commerce Extensions Modules

Table 2. Key Commerce Extensions source modules
Module Description
activemq-broker Runs a local ActiveMQ JMS broker.
assets Application assets including Velocity templates and dynamic content.
batch Batch Server extension JAR and webapp modules.
cm Commerce Manager extensions and webapp modules.
core Core extensions. See Extensions Core modules.
cortex Cortex extension bundles, commerce engine wrapper, webapp and system tests.
data-population Data Population extensions. See the Extending Data Population Tool in Developer Tools.
database Schema extensions and catalog data. See Modifying Schema and Catalog Data.
importexport Import-Export Tool extensions
integration Integration Server webapp.
packager Creates a deployment package and a standalone demo package.
search Search Server extension JAR and webapp modules.
sync Data Sync Tool extensions.
system-tests System tests that depend on launching webapps. Includes webapp smoke tests, extensibility tests, Import/Export tests, and Data Sync tests.