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Shipping Calculation API

Shipping Calculation API

The Shipping Calculation Service Provider Interface (SPI) enables the integration of third-party shipping provider APIs, such as FedEx or UPS, with Elastic Path Commerce. With this integration, customers can view the available shipping options and cost associated with each shipping option during the checkout flow.

The default Elastic Path shipping calculation plugin calculates shipping cost based on the shipping region and shipping service level information available in the database. The customer service representatives can access and configure this plug-in in Elastic Path Commerce Manager.

The custom shipping options are integrated using SPIs . Elastic Path Commerce invokes this plug-in through an API and the shipping option service is integrated with Elastic Path Commerce through SPI.

The shipping calculation API provides the following capabilities:

  • Unpriced Shipping Option lookup: Provides shipping options without a shipping cost.
  • Priced Shipping Option lookup: Provides shipping options with a shipping cost.
  • Default Shipping Option lookup for Store: Provides default Elastic Path shipping option.

Caching Service

The caching service in the shipping calculation API implementation reduces the requests Cortex makes to the third-party shipping calculation APIs. The caching service caches the responses from third-party services and passes only new requests to the third-party services. This service reduces third-party calls that Cortex makes. For more information, see Cortex Caching.

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