Announcement: You can find the guides for Commerce 7.5 and later on the new Elastic Path Documentation site. This Developer Center contains the guides for Commerce 6.13.0 through 7.4.1.Visit new site

This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Applying Patches

Applying Patches

After building release package and running it successfully, apply any patches available for Elastic Path Commerce.

  1. Go to the Support Portal and log in with the user name and password.
  2. Navigate to Patches.
  3. In the Browse All Patches field, select the product and version.
  4. Download all patches for the selected version of Elastic Path Commerce.
  5. Read the README.txt file for the patch and follow the instructions.

Follow the instructions at Setting up your Developer Environment to configure, build, and run Elastic Path Commerce in a command line environment.