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Product Search Keyword Tracking

Product Search Keyword Tracking

Product search keywords in the Cortex are automatically stored in the TSEARCHTERMS table. To track the usage of product keywords, a Commerce Manager Quartz job named searchTermsAggregatorJob periodically scans TSEARCHTERMS and finds the frequency of a keyword as well as its last access date. The output of searchTermsAggregatorJob is stored in the TSEARCHTERMSACTIVITYSUMMARY table.

Activating searchTermsAggregatorJob

By default, searchTermsAggregatorJob, is disabled. To enable the job, follow the steps below:

Note: Before You Begin

You have a Core extension project hooked up to your Commerce Manager Server.

  1. With an XML editor, open your .m2\settings.xml.
  2. Above the </profiles> tag, add the following profile:
  3. Add the following active profile under <activeProfiles>:
  4. Save your changes.
  5. With an XML editor, open your Core extension's ep-core-plugin.xml.
  6. Add the following alias before the </beans> tag:
    <alias name="loggingSearchTermsActivityStrategy" alias="searchTermsActivityStrategy"/commerce-legacy/>
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Rebuild your Core extension project and Commerce Manager Server to apply your changes.

Configuring searchTermsAggregatorJob

You can configure the start delay and repeat interval of searchTermsAggregatorJob in the file. See Configuring Environment Specific Settings for more information.