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Gift certificate purchasing

Gift certificate purchasing


This feature allows customers to purchase electronic gift certificates.

Key classes and files

  • GiftCertificateServiceImpl - Provide services to save, update, remove and find gift certificates.
  • GiftCertificateFormBeanImpl - Form backing bean representing a gift certificate.
  • create.vm - Velocity template for ordering gift certificate.
  • GiftCertificateRecipientEmail.html.vm - Velocity templates for sending html email to recipient with gift certificate code.
  • GiftCertificateRecipientEmail.txt.vm - Velocity templates for sending text email to recipient with gift certificate code.
  • GiftCertificateImpl - Represents a gift certificate.

How it works

As of Elastic Path Commerce 6.2, gift certificates are handled the same way as standard products (a product type named GIFT_CERTIFICATES), but with some product personalization.