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Developer checklists

Developer checklists

Here are some development checklists for you to use when developing.

When you change Java code:

  • jUnit tests - run using either Maven or Eclipse
  • code formatting - run code formatting checker (CTRL+SHIFT+F in Eclipse)
  • checkstyle - run using either Maven or Eclipse
  • pmd - run using either Maven or Eclipse
  • private build testing - to make a further confirmation, start the application you modified and access the feature you coded
  • scalability - does your feature scale to handle large numbers of customers, orders, products and SKUs?
  • domain objects - must be serializable
  • acceptance testing - have the "customer" review the feature for completeness and accuracy

When you change Spring configuration files, OpenJPA mapping files, database schema or other configuration files:

  • start the application you modified to see if anything is broken
  • try to access the feature(s) affected by the file(s) you modified