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How pricing is applied

How pricing is applied

When a shopper accesses a storefront, the system must determine that shopper's Targeted Selling. The selling context is determined by evaluating a series of Tagging Framework against:

  • the current time
  • the storefront that the shopper is accessing
  • various information that has been collected about the shopper, such the referring URL, the landing page, geolocation, etc.

After the selling context has been identified, the storefront retrieves the price lists for the selling context via their price list associations. Next, it executes promotions to apply discounts to those prices, if any. These price lists are placed in an ordered stack and assigned to the user. This is referred to as the shopper's price list stack. The order of price lists within the stack is determined by a priority value, which is set by the person who assigned the price list to the selling context.

As the shopper browses the storefront's catalog, the system looks up each product's price in the price list stack, beginning with the topmost price list in the stack. If a product's price is not found in that price list, the system will look in the next price list, and so on, until a price is found.

Note: Selling context re-evaluation

during the course of a shopping session, the shopper segment may change. For example, if the shopper was browsing anonymously and then decided to sign in to their account. When this occurs, the selling context conditions are re-evaluated, promotion rules are executed again, and the price list stack is rebuilt.

When items are added to the shopping cart, the promotions are executed to apply cart discounts as required.