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Supported Object Types

Supported Object Types

You can export or import the following objects using Elastic Path's Import-Export Tool:




CM Import Job


Condition Rules

Coupon Set


Customer Profile Attribute

Gift Certificate


Payment Gateway

Price Lists

Price List Assignment

Products (Single and Multi-SKU)

Product Associations

Product Category Associations


Saved Condition


Store Association

Shipping Region

Shipping Service Level

System Configuration

Tax Code

Tax Jurisdiction

User Roles


Data policies

Customer consents

Many of these objects are linked to other objects in the system. Some of those linked objects are required dependencies. During export, these dependencies are retrieved and exported automatically. For example, a product must be associated with at least one category and at least one catalog. So, when a product is exported, all its associated categories and catalogs are also exported.

Other linked objects are optional dependencies. You can specify whether you want to include optional dependencies. For example, assets, such as images, are optional dependencies, and you can choose whether you want to include them when exporting objects.