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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.



Elastic Path supports the following products according to the information listed in these sections:

Certified and Compatible Platforms

Elastic Path products are supported when they are deployed on supported platforms. Elastic Path recognizes two categories of supported platforms: certified and compatible. Please read below for details.

Certified Platform

Elastic Path products undergo regression and performance testing with certified platforms as part of the release process. These technologies have proven stability and performance and are the recommended configuration for Elastic Path products. Elastic Path's deployment documentation and performance guides include recommendations and best practices for use of certified platforms with Elastic Path products.

Compatible Platform

Elastic Path products are expected to function correctly when deployed with compatible platforms, but have not undergone testing with such platforms. Elastic Path does not provide recommendations or best practices for these technologies. It is the client's responsibility to correctly configure and provision these technologies with the associated vendor. Where a compatible platform is used in place of a certified platform, Elastic Path provides application level support and will address issues reported within the core Elastic Path software product; however, Elastic Path has limited ability to triage issues within compatible platforms that cannot be reproduced in a certified platform configuration. Additional support options may be available to assist with this.