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Creating the Database in Oracle 12c

Creating the Database in Oracle 12c

Creating a Pluggable Database

New in Oracle 12c is the concept of pluggable databases. We will create one along with a user account for the Elastic Path system.

  1. Open the DBCA Utility:
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin && ./dbca
  2. Delete the default 'orcl' database:
    • Select "Delete Database" and click "Next".
    • Select "orcl" database (if not already selected) and click "Next".
    • Skip "Management Options" by clicking "Next", and then finally, click "Finish".
  3. Re-create the database 'orcl' and specify a pluggable database name of 'eppdb':
    • Rerun the DBCA Utility.
    • Select "Create Database" and click "Next".
    • Fill in the following fields and use the default values for other fields not specified:
      Table 1.
      Property Value
      Global Database Name orcl
      Administrative Password <password>
      Create as Container Database
      Pluggable Database Name eppdb
    • Click "Next" and then "Finish".
  4. You can connect to the pluggable db, eppdb, by it's service name 'eppdb' and using a slash in the URL like: