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Configuring JNDI Services

Configuring JNDI Services

Cortex makes use of JNDI Services provided by the application server. By default Cortex is configured to use the following services:
  • Datasource - java:comp/env/jdbc/epjndi
  • JMS Connection Factory - java:comp/env/jms/JMSConnectionFactory
JNDI services are configured in the following locations:
Project Module(s) File Purpose
commerce-extensions ext-cortex-webapp web.xml Injects the services into the web application.
commerce-extensions ext-cortex-webapp applicationContext-webapp.xml Brings the services into the OSGi environment.
commerce-engine ep-core


*-blueprint.xml Makes JNDI services visible to each bundle requiring service access.
If you are changing the names of default services or adding new services you need to ensure that the configuration is updated in all relevant locations.