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DWR Ajax remoting framework

DWR Ajax remoting framework

Direct Web Remoting (DWR) is a technology that allows Javascript running in the browser to interact with Java running on the server. The two main roles of DWR are

  • Allow Javascript running in the browser to remotely invoke Java object methods on the server.
  • Convert objects between Java and Javascript and pass them between the browser and the server.

This is accomplished by

  • Connecting the browser to a web application (server) to receive incoming requests.
  • Generating Javascript code in the browser that has a similar interface to the Java code being 'wrapped'.
  • Executing Javascript callback functions when asynchronous requests are processed by the server.

DWR functionality is added to an application by adding the DWR Servlet to the web.xml file. Server-side methods and objects that are available in Javascript are configured in dwr.xml. For more information on the DWR technology, see