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Targeted Selling

Targeted Selling

Targeted selling is the delivery of content and offers to shoppers based on information that's been gathered about them. It encompasses multiple areas of the application, including:

The Selling Context

When a shopper accesses a storefront, the system must determine that shopper's selling context. The selling context is determined by evaluating a series of conditions against:

  • the current time
  • the storefront that the shopper is accessing
  • various information that has been collected about the shopper, such the referring URL, the landing page, geolocation, etc.

Marketing teams can use a variety of tools in Elastic Path Commerce to target content at shoppers based on their selling context. For example, a marketer can create a price list assignment with conditions that indicate in which selling contexts that price list will be made available. Marketers can also configure discounts based on rules. They can even configure personalized content based on shoppers' behavior.