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Storefront redesign

Storefront redesign

From time to time, the web developer may need to change the layout of the website. This may or may not have an impact on the Dynamic Content and the Content Spaces. The following table describes some web site change scenarios and the required follow-up actions.

A new Content Space is added to a template The Elastic Path Commerce administrator will need to register it.

An existing Content Space is added to another template

No action is required. (the Content Space has already been registered.)

A Content Space is removed from one or more templates

  • If other templates contain that Content Space, no action is required. (The Content Space is still used in other templates, so it must remain registered.)
  • If no other templates contain that Content Space, the Elastic Path Commerce administrator should remove the Content Space registration.

The page layout around a Content Space has changed

Dynamic Content displayed in the Content Space or static content around it may be affected. The Web Developer should review all Dynamic Content currently assigned to the Content Space to ensure that it displays correctly and that the overall page layout is not adversely affected.