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Service layer

Service layer

The service layer provides services to various consumers in the web layer as well as web service consumers. There are several types of services that serve different roles in the application.

Persistence Services

Persistence Services provide the capability to save and retrieve domain objects. Persistence Services extend from AbstractEpPersistenceServiceImpl and offer methods for adding new domain objects, retrieving domain objects by their identifier, and searching for domain objects with specific criteria. PersistenceServices are named XService where X is the class name of the objects that it can save and retrieve.

Domain Services

Domain services typically implement the logic for a use case that is inappropriate for encapsulation by any one domain object. For example, a service that performs a checkout will contain logic for the flow of the interaction between several domain objects. This domain service logic is typically at a higher level of abstraction than the fine-grained domain logic that is implemented by an individual domain object. Domain services will often use other services in combination with domain object logic to accomplish a task. For example, the checkout service uses domain logic to check for sufficient inventory while using the InventoryService persistence service to persist inventory levels.


In Elastic Path, domain service logic specific to a particular domain object is often implemented within the Persistence Service for that object.

Integration Services

Integration services implement functionality that is invoked by domain services but considered outside the domain of an ecommerce application and typically integrate with other systems or technologies. The following are examples of integration services.

  • EmailService - Sends email on behalf of other services.
  • CustomerIndexBuildService - Constructs a search index used by the Lucene search feature.
  • BirtReportService - Provides access to the BIRT reporting engine.

System Services

System services handle various concerns that cut across many parts of the application. These services are typically provided by Spring and configured in Spring configuration files. Examples of System services include object lifecyle management, caching, transactions, security, and scheduling.

Web Services

Web services expose service layer functionality to web services clients. These services are ultimately delivered to external systems via SOAP.