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EhCache is an open source caching system that handles application caching.


Using EhCache gives Elastic Path the following benefits:

  • JMX Support
  • Better unified and distributed caching control across application level caches
  • More consistent cache evictions

By using JMX, you can monitor and modify your object caches.

Configuring EhCache

Application Level Caching

The application level cache, which sits between the view layer and the data access layer, is used by the storefront to cache semi-static store and product data.

The timeouts of a Storefront's application level cache can be configured by modifying the cache's timeToLive and timeToIdle bean properties in ep-storefront\src\main\resources\spring\cache\cache.xml.


By default, application caches will use the properties defined in the Core's ehcache.xml. These may be overridden in the cache`s bean specified in cache.xml. For information on EhCache's configurable properties, see EhCache's Cache Configuration guide.