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Java Web Start uses existing Internet technologies (HTTP protocol, Web servers, etc) to allow Java based applications to be distributed and run over the Internet.

Why use this feature?

Using Java Web Start with the Commerce Manager has a number of benefits:

  • Run the Commerce Manager Client on any computer that supports Java Runtime.
  • Update the Commerce Manager on the server and the updates are automatically distributed to the Commerce Manager clients.
  • Install the Commerce Manager once on a web server, and easily deploy it to multiple locations.

Where is feature located?


Key Java Web Start Files

The following information describes key Java Web Start files and their relation to the Commerce Manager application.JNLP FileThe JNLP file is an XML file that provides information to Java Web Start about what application is starting up and what resources are required to start it. Java Web Start parses the JNLP file, downloads the resources from the Internet, and starts the application. This file describes:

  • Information about the application (Name, vendor, description, etc)
  • Graphical resources (icons, splash screens)
  • Security and Permission information
  • Application resources (JARs, JVM)
  • Information about the server hosting its resources
  • The class to start the application (eg. Equinox's WebStartMain)
  • Platform information (OS, WS, Architecture, Java version)

cmclient.jnlpThis is the Commerce Manager client's JNLP file. This file describes:

  • Information for OSGi
  • Information for Equinox to start the application
  • A reference to cmclient-feature-jws.jnlp (described below)
  • Platform information (OS, WS, Architecture, Java version)

When cmclient.jnlp is loaded, Java Web Start downloads the Equinox JAR and cmclient-feature-jws.jnlp. After processing cmclient-feature-jws.jnlp, Java Web Start runs Equinox and uses OSGi and the resources listed in cmclient-feature-jws.jnlp to start the Commerce Manager client.

cmclient-feature-jws.jnlpThis JNLP file references the plugin JARs that need to be downloaded and run by Java Web Start in order to start the Commerce Manager application.On first launch, Java Web Start downloads cmclient-feature-jws.jnlp from the internet, parses the list of resources defined in the file, and retrieves them from the web server. Java Web Start then checks the resources are signed by the same certificate.