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This version of Elastic Path Commerce is no longer supported or maintained. To upgrade to the latest version, contact your Elastic Path representative.

Deploying Java Web Start Commerce Manager

Deploying Java Web Start Commerce Manager

The steps for deploying Java Web Start Commerce manager on a Web server are: build the project, copy the build zip file ( to your web server, and unzip the contents.

  1. Deploy the zip file to a location on your web server where requests from the cmclient.jnlp file are forwarded. javaStart_deploy
  2. Distribute copies of cmclient.jnlp to users who are going to use the Java Web Start Commerce Manager, or create a web page to launch the application, see Creating the Web Page That Launches the Application

Known Issues

Java Web Start Cache Not Updating

As of Java 7, updates to new deployments of Java Web Start Commerce Manager are not handle correctly. The Java Web Start cache will not reflect the new deployment.


The cache must be cleared between new deployments of Java Web Start Commerce Manager.

Clearing Java Web Start Cache

The Java Web Start Cached can be cleared either through the UI or by command line.

Clearing with the UI

Java provides an UI view into the Java Web Start Cache and it can be started with

javaws -viewer

Using the viewer, select Commerce Manager and then delete it.

Clearing from the command line

javaws -uninstall <url-to-cmclient.jnlp>