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Load balancing

Load balancing

The Apache HTTP Server, with the mod_proxy_balancer and JK Connector (mod_jk) modules, is used to load balance a cluster of servers.

Setting up the Apache HTTP Server

  1. Download the latest version of Apache from
  2. If you download the source code and configure it manually, enable SSL as follows:
    $ {APACHE_HTTP_SERVER_SRC_DIR}/configure --enable-ssl
      --enable-so -enable-mods-shared="proxy \
      proxy_http proxy_ftp proxy_connect headers cache 
      disk_cache mem_cache"
    $ {APACHE_HTTP_SERVER_SRC_DIR}/make install
  3. Set up SSL for the Apache server:
    1. Create an SSL key and certificate. For more information, see
    2. Copy the SSL key to APACHE_HOME\conf, and rename the file to "server.key".
    3. Copy the SSL certificate to APACHE_HOME\conf, and rename the file to "server.crt".
  4. Enter the following to start the Apache server with SSL enabled:
    {APACHE_HOME}/bin/apachectl startssl
  5. Enter the following to stop the server:
    {APACHE_HOME}/bin/apachectl stop