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A store is a single retail storefront.

The table below describes some of the Store's elements:

XML Element



The store's state determines the store's accessibility. The store's state can be one of three values:

  • 200 - Open
  • 100 - Restricted Access
  • 0 - Under construction


3 character description of the stores type. Default value is "B2B".


The name used on emails sent from the store to customers.


Email address used for emails sent from the store to customers.


Enables or disables the use of CVV2 security for credit card verification.

Sample XML: Stores

<store enabled="true" code="SLRWORLD">
    <globalization default_currency="USD" default_locale="en" content_encoding="UTF-8" sub_country="WA" country="US" timeZone="PST8PDT"/commerce-legacy/>
    <name>SLR WORLD</name>
    <description>A digital SLR camera demo store.</description>
        <type>American Express</type>