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DST Dependency Quick Reference

DST Dependency Quick Reference

The following table shows the objects that can be added to change sets and what is required in order to properly synchronize those objects between staging and production systems.

How to read this table

  • Synch Pre-requisites indicates objects that must exist on the production (target) system before the change set object can be synchronized. If they are not present, synchronization will fail. Note that for objects that can be synced using the DST, a pre-requisite object can be synced either before or at the same time as the object that depends on it; the application will ensure that the dependency is inserted into the database before any objects that depend on it.
  • Optional indicates objects that you may or may not want to synchronize to production, depending on business requirements. For example, you may or may not want to synchronize a Product SKU's Inventory data from staging to production.
  • DST indicates that the object can be moved using the Data Sync Tool.
  • IE indicates that the object can be exported from the staging system and then imported into production using the Import-Export Tool.
  • CM indicates that the object can be created in the production system manually using the Commerce Manager.
  • DB indicates that the object can be extracted from the staging database and then inserted into the production database using the database tools.
Table 1.
Change Set Object Synch Pre-requisites Optional
Base Price -
  • Master Catalog (IE, DB, CM)
Catalog Attributes
  • Master Catalog (IE, DB, CM)
Category Types
Linked Category -
Price List -
Price List Assignment -
Product Association -
Product Bundle -
Product SKU
  • Inventory (CM, IE)
Product Type -
Promotion -
Saved Condition - -
SKU Options -
SKU Option Values - -
Virtual Catalog -