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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a service provider for storefront payments. Elastic Path has a number of integrated payment gateways. The <properties> in the Payment_Gatways.xml depend on the type of payment gateway selected for your storefront.

Sample XML: Payment Gateway

        <property key="logFileName">log/payflow-pro.log</property>
        <property key="loggingLevel">1</property>
        <property key="vendor">YOUR_VENDOR</property>
        <property key="hostAddress"></property>
        <property key="proxyAddress"></property>
        <property key="proxyLogon"></property>
        <property key="proxyPort"></property>
        <property key="hostPort">443</property>
        <property key="password">YOUR_PASSWORD</property>
        <property key="logFileMaxSize">5</property>
        <property key="partner">Verisign</property>
        <property key="user">YOUR_USERNAME</property>
        <property key="proxyPassword"></property>