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Product Bundles

Product Bundles

Product bundles are collections of products sold together under a single product code. Typically, a bundle is comprised of one main product and several related constituent products. For example, a winter coat bundled with a scarf and gloves. Bundled products generally offer a price savings when compared with purchasing the constituent products individually.

When you export a product bundle, the exported information includes the product code for the bundle and the product codes for the bundle constituents. A product's bundle constituents are exported separately in a bundle.xml file; see the sample XML product bundle below for more information. Associated categories are automatically exported, as well as the catalogs associated with those categories.

Like a regular product, you can optionally export associated assets, inventory and product associations.

If you import a product bundle into a target system that has a product bundle with the same product code, all constituents of the target bundle are first cleared and the imported constituents are written in their place.

Sample XML Product Bundle

A product bundle's constituents are exported in a separate file called bundle.xml. bundle.xml uses the product's <code> to reference the product. For example, the product bundle code is BUN_DIG_BEG and the bundle's code is <bundle code="BUN_DIG_BEG">.

<product pricingMechanism="assigned" bundle="true">
        <value language="en">Digital Photography - Beginner Bundle</value>
        <value language="fr">Photographie numérique - Offre spécial pour débutant</value>
    <type>Camcorders &amp; Digital Cameras</type>
        <attribute key="description">
            <value language="en">Everything you need to get started in the exciting world of digital photography.</value>
        <sku guid="23ac0ac4-4720-4225-8b10-59d2245c47d4">
            <shippable enabled="true">
                <weight units="KG">0.00</weight>
                <width units="CM">0.00</width>
                <length units="CM">0.00</length>
                <height units="CM">0.00</height>
            <digitalasset enabled="false"/commerce-legacy/>
            <value language="en"></value>
            <value language="fr"></value>
            <value language="en"></value>
            <value language="fr"></value>
            <value language="en"></value>
            <value language="fr"></value>
            <value language="en"></value>
            <value language="fr"></value>

<bundle code="BUN_DIG_BEG">
            <code type="product">BUN_DIG_CAM</code>
            <code type="product">BUN_ACC_PCH</code>
            <code type="product">BUN_TUT_1</code>