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Command Line Parameters

Command Line Parameters

The --dataDirectory and --configDirectory configuration arguments specify the configuration that the Data Population CLI tool runs with. You can also specify these commands to run at the runtime so that the tool starts the commands and then exits when complete.

Parameter Type Description
--dataDirectory <data directory> Configuration Argument Configures the data directory.
--configDirectory <config directory> Configuration Argument Configures the config directory.
reset-db Command Argument Deletes, recreates, and populates the database.
update-db Command Argument Updates the existing database by populating any updates after the last run.
filter-data --output <output directory> Command Argument Filters the data in the data directory to an6 output directory.

filter-data command

The filter-data command is an additional command for the CLI tool. The filter-data command filters the data contained in the data directory to an output directory, but does not start Liquibase or interact with the database.

You can the filter-data command later, separate from the Data Population tool, by running the Import/Export tool and Liquibase tools directly. Elastic Path recommends the blended deployment model that the update-db command provides. For more information, see Data Population Deployment Models.