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Monitoring Quartz Jobs

Monitoring Quartz Jobs

Setup and Starting JMX

  1. Make sure your server is running.
  2. Start JConsole.
  3. Under the MBeans tab, you should see a list of nodes. Expand the following to see available Attributes, Operations, and Notifications:
    • /quartz/QuartzScheduler/CMServerJmxScheduler/NONE_CLUSTER
    • /quartz/QuartzScheduler/SearchServerJmxScheduler/NONE_CLUSTER


Disabled Operations/Buttons

Several buttons are disabled: "addJob", "triggerJob", and "triggerJobWithVolatileTrigger".


Documentation is available which describes what QuartzSchedulerMBean's Operations do.

Many of the Operations require a Job Group Name. To discover the Job Group Names click on the button "getJobGroupNames" with p1 = "". For example, it may return "DEFAULT".

Example: Pausing the CM Import Job

  1. View the available CMServerJmxScheduler Operations.
  2. To find all Trigger Group Names click on the button "getTriggerGroupNames" with p1 = "". It may return "DEFAULT".
  3. To find all Trigger Names click on the button "getTriggerNames" with p1 = "" and p2 = "DEFAULT".
  4. To pause the CM Import Job click on the button "pauseTrigger" with p1 = "", p2 = "processImportJobTrigger", p3 = "DEFAULT".