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Getting a Heap Dump

Getting a Heap Dump

Automatic Heap Dumps

To set your server to generate heap dumps automatically when a heap out of memory error occurs:

  1. Open your server's startup script with a text editor.
  2. Modify JAVA_OPTS to include the following:
  3. Restart your server.

On Demand Heap Dumps

Elastic Path recommends using JMap for generating heap dumps on demand.


JMap will essentially stop your JVM throughput until it is complete; and it may take 10+ minutes.

  1. Make sure your server is running.
  2. With the command prompt, get your server's Java PID using the following command:
    jps -l

    Your server's PID will be identified by one of the Java class names listed in this table:

    Server Classname

    Tomcat 7

    org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

    Weblogic 11g


  3. Run the following command to generate a heap.bin file in your current directory.
    jmap -heap:format=b <java_pid>
Note: Analyzing the Heap Dump

Elastic Path recommends you use either the Eclipse "Memory Analyzer Tool" plugin or IBM's HeapAnalyzer for analyzing heap.bin.