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API Entry Points

API Entry Points

As a REST Level 3 API (see API Design), the API is meant to be traversed by following workflows. The starting points for these workflows are what we call Entry Points. Cortex API has these entry points:

Shopper Login /oauth2/tokens
Shopper's Default Profile /profiles/<scope>/default
Shopper's Default Cart /carts/<scope>/default
Searches /searches/<scope>
Navigations /navigations/<scope>
Recommendations /recommendations/<scope>
Slots /slots/<scope>

The idea of entry points is that client app developers program their applications to begin traversing the API from these points, rather than concatenate a bunch of URI strings together and start in the middle of a workflow.

What is Each Entry Point for?

Each entry point has a specific purpose:

  • Searches and Navigations are entry points for discovering items for sale.
  • Authentication is the entry point for customer authentication.
  • Slots are the entry points for rendering dynamic content and leading customers to the items for sale.
  • Profiles is the entry point for a logged in customer details, such as the customer's first name, last name, username, addresses, purchases, and paymentmethods
  • Cart is the entry point for the customer's shopping cart.
  • Recommendations is the entry point for store recommendations, which are lists of product recommendations such as Top Sellers, Special Deals, and so on.