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Process Overview

Process Overview

Process diagram

There are multiple activities that need to occur before your construction team can start work. The diagram below provides an overview of the process.

Starting Construction Dependencies


This table summarizes the roles and expected skill sets.

Table 1.
Role Skill set
IT Operations
  • Server provisioning
  • Security and permissions
DevOps Team
  • Linux system management
  • Maven repository setup & configuration
  • Continuous integration setup & configuration
  • JMS setup & configuration
  • Local database setup & configuration
  • Application server setup & configuration
  • Application deployment
  • Linux shell scripting
Tech Lead (Architect, Senior Developer)
  • Java
  • Maven
  • Java IDE setup
  • Local database setup
  • Local application server setup
Dev Team
  • Same as Tech Lead
QA Team
  • EP Commerce Manager
  • EP Import/Export tool
  • Web testing tools - Selenium & Cucumber
  • Local database setup
  • Local application server setup